Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fitspirations: Who Inspires You?

Fitspirations. Yes. I made up that word. We all have people who inspire us to be a better version of ourselves. I thought I would share my list with you as my way of saying thanks. It is my hope that this post gets seen by them and they know they've made a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you all!

 First and foremost, after God, is my amazing husband, +Jeff Lee . We've been together for fifteen years. I love him immensely and don't have words enough to express it. He gets up and trains six days a week in sickness and in health. He keeps all of us on track.

Second is my favorite female bodybuilder, +dana linn bailey . She has an amazing physique but she is also crazy strong for her size. I think she's shorter than me. I watch her videos and know that someday I might be a powerhouse, too. Go go girl power!!

The next athlete on my little list is +Hugo Rivera . He co-wrote the very first book I read about bodybuilding and transforming my life titled "The BodySculptimg Bible for Women" with James Villepigue. I've got the first edition (bought at a used book store) and want to get the most recent edition.

Last, but not least, is +Lee Labrada . He's helped countless people to change their lives for the better with his simple approach to diet and exercise.

Who inspires you?

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